Woe and Behold It's Travis Millard

Travis Millard

The legend that is Travis Millard.
Extreme wit betwixt a dark cloud of cannabis consumption = Travis.
I love this guys mind, if I could make love to it via a mind-machine (in a totally un-gay way) I would,
such is the love I feel here.

So much so I ordered a book from the U.S of A, called "Farts: A Spotters Guide."
The stench of love has never smelt soooo exotic.


  1. I likes. But then, I'm sure you knew I would.

  2. Jeepers, Mark, that moustache thing is one the best things I've ever seen! I'm going to find a man with a king of a moustache and have go on it, with a fine toothed comb, I bet I'd find wonderful things.