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Ok I write this after getting no sleep due to having things on my mind, the heat, noisy birds twittering away outside.

Regards to the "things on my mind" scenario, personal thoughts aside, I stumbled into my mental blog and I thought I would tell you my thoughts on why I find this "Low Brow" San Francisco Illustration so appealing.

It doesn't take itself too seriously, it allows for the spontaneous (read honest), the strange and Oh No!!!
Just purely for visual decoration.

Sometimes I feel the British Illustrations are too serious -
which I admit sometimes I do like.
Erm'ing and ah'ing whilst scratching my stubble,
but I seems that the Art is so far up its own arse that it gets stifled on the stench of its own shit.

Once dipped in this "Bog of Eternal Stench" its difficult to crawl out of it, limiting the creative freedom that you
(& I) are entitled to.

So yes I suppose that is why at the moment I'm looking to America for inspiration, just like in 10 years time I will be looking to Britain's fresh and vibrant new Art.

Its all swings and round-a-bouts.

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