It's the end of the world as we know it & I feel fine...

Creatively I'm gonna draw a line through last year.
Its over and done with.

I hated it/loved it with a burning fever.
But that is good as it provoked a emotional response,
I've taken time over the summer break to reflect and mull
over what I have learnt, what I've experienced and where I
intend to go from here (there).

Brutally honest lines and colour.

If you boil it down and reduce it to a fine sauce that is
what I am about.

There have been ups and downs this year as I've struggled to
come to terms with various briefs.
I think on the failure side of things what I need to do is effectively
step away from the brief and allow myself to cook up a broth.

If I take one or two core elements that I see at the beginning
(gut reaction) and use these as a focal point the rest is just spice
and garnish -

That is what I did on the more successful briefs.
And so that is what I will continue to do.

I approach the next year with angst and excitement and
maybe a little fever...


  1. Drama queen. Some good stuff there, though. Especially like Lee Scratch Perry as Sinabad.

  2. Think you have a talent as a writer as well as an illustrator! loving your art work as usual,keep em coming!