You may think this a little strange
but I like space.
I must be a geek but so what?

I think it started when I was 7 or 8.
For my birthday my Grandad got me
a "Science Compendium" of sorts.
It had about 6 separate books,

1 for Planet Earth
1 for Dinosaurs
1 for The Universe

Etc etc

Now all the images in all the books were top-notch
(my Art Student spider senses' went-a-tingling)
and even though this was before Hubble they
were stunningly clear and good quality.
This Universe Book ignited something in my
minds eye
- the vastness and the grandeur of the cosmos.

They, to me are just as beautiful as looking at a Monet or
as cinematic as a Carrivaggio.

Just colour.

But infinite.

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