Antony Micallef - Critical Studies Artist Review

Antony Micallef

Antony's work seems to be gathering momentum at the minute.

Having shown work at the Tate, The Royal Academy and Santa's
Ghetto both in the UK and America.
Also having his work published in Vogue, Sotheby's, Elle, NY Arts
Magazine and strangely a Korean art magazine called Public Art Magazine.

A artist who likes to provide stark contrasts in his work.
Often drawing child-like in primary colours and in text but
often depicting rape and sodomy in the same scene.

He seems consumed by consumerism (so-to-speak)
the fact that we as a society abhor these faceless
conglomerate companies and yet we are seductively
seduced and fucked over by them.
We wear our badges and icons with pride, we
buy into the bullshit and lifestyle -
we stuff ourselves to the brim with the fever
of a crack addict.

I see echos of Francis Bacon with the smudged faces
and the badge worthy pride of Peter Blake.

Consumerism laid bare and spread-eagled like
a whore.

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