Peter Jansen

Peter Jansen

After one day back in Uni my brain seems
geared up already.

I'm very glad the first brief is to do with the
figure as I'm obsessed by it.
I'm also obsessed by movement as well,
ever since I saw Rodin's work as a kid.

Everyone can relate to a representation of a
person as everyone is one, therefore everyone
should have an opinion of your work.

That should be one of the aims of being an Artist.

To relate to the viewer visually & emotionally, to
create an invisible bond.
Like a group of mutes at an orgy.

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  1. these are VERY cool, almost seem too good to be sculptures.. does he make them in 3D first then get them sculpted?

    reminds me of eadweard muybridge's photography which first looked at and explained movement... for when photography took over paintings job of representing the real world.