Le Gun visit to Salford Uni

Le Gun

During this of dire weeks, when the moon ebbed a ghastly green
I happened to stumble across a dark monstrous cave which led
itself unto an underground temple of sorts.
Armed with my flashlight and compass I ventured into
this demoniacal and hideous blackness.

Through a complex labyrinth dotted with allurement of
ages past I came to a underground lake,
eerily lit with phosphorous algae.
As I stared across this (almost moonlit)
fiendishly glass-smooth lake a rumble echoed
deep and long.

Eyes wide with terror I stared disbelieving,
could this be the temple of the Old Ones?
Gods from eons ago brought to this world on
their vast and terrible wings?
I felt compelled to open my notepad and stylus.
In this temporary madness I jotted down the gruttal
beastly tongue I heard snaking into my fragile mind.

After this I cannot remember exactly what happened
- I awoke within my bed drenched with sweat,
oddly still wearing my suit.
At the bottom of my bed was caked with vile mouldy mud.
Was this real?
Was I there?
At the terrible Narragansett Bay?

I hastened to find my note pad and stared in disbelief
at the looping shapes and intricate arcane symbols.

Now knowing true horror I went to the nearby Arkham
Mental Institute where my old friend from Providence
was over-seeing the insane ravings of his

He let me consult the lunatics housed there, after
asking a few choice questions and browsing through
the many dark and terrible books written by these
mad-men, locked away from the gentile and unknowing
public, I deciphered the text etched into my scratched
note pad.

After staring wildly in disbelief at the text before me.
Had I heard the Old Ones speak?
The ancient and hideous Cthulhu?

Yes I cried in disbelief!
I had a tutorial in Gary's office!

Armed with this (dark and terrible) knowledge
gleaned from their mad rumblings I set off
henceforth to Salford University to seek
a clearer view from the occultists of
Le Gun.

Catching the 2:40 steam train from the
industrial city of Manchester I followed
those grimy slimy words from the Elder Gods;
I began to draw, namely the passengers on the
train and later people in Public Houses and
on public transport.
I seem to get odd looks but I am now tinged
with the madness from being in close proximity
of Evil.
I mearly laugh to myself knowing the fate
of the sweet unknowing non-believers.

Arriving at Salford I was confronted with
two men steeped in the evil knowledge of
excreted from the decaying fishy river city by the
Thames they enlightened me on the dark workings of ink
and parchment.

They drew even more of these strange looping symbols.
I fell into madness.

I managed to procure photographic evidence of this
meeting, in the event of my disappearance
or madness burn these documents to save you from
the tentacles of Cthulhu!

I implore you!

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