Bad Apple 2d


"It's not simply a stop motion movie.

There is a series of plane shooting games
called Touhou developed by ZUN.

ZUN is not a developer team, but a Japanese
He makes the game engine, draws the illustrations
for the game, and also composes music for the whole thing.
The series started small, but now it is one of the biggest
doujin (sorta meaning independant) games in Asia.
There is even a convention just for this game every year.
Many people make remixes of the original game music or
draw mangas using the characters from the game.

Although being a one man project, the quality of the
games are unbelievably good, including the graphics
and music, which are all original.
It has a pretty good storyline with memorable
characters even though it's just a side-scrolling
plane shooting game.
All the characters are distinguishable
from the silhouettes shown in the movie; Reimu, Marisa,
Patchouli, Remilia, Sakuya, just to name few in order that
appears in the movie above.
That's how distinctive all the characters are.

Bad Apple was composed by a 3rd party doujin musician,
and soon after there came about the high quality 3D
rendered music video, which is the original movie
the whole stop motion thing is based on.
Each frame was printed out and cut and shot one by
one by another person and I believe the whole thing
took more than a year to complete.

It may be deemed as a waste of time, but it's not a
waste of time of nothing. It's a waste of time of
being a fan, like those star-wars fanatics and whatnot.
So there you go."

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  1. i love it , can imagine how long it took ,really clever like the positive ,negitive images!