Random Mumblings of a Potato and Lamb Man

Hell'o Monster

Darkly delicious and full of the bastard angst
of modern youth.

Hailing from the land of chocolatiers (Belgium)
this collective shows a glimpse into the
shadowy underbelly of contemporary society.

Then takes a ironic shit on it.
Much love.


Not to be mistaken for a little shitcan robot,
this guy/girl/collective/design group
has a good mix of keeping it real and
selling the fuck out in order to raise some
capital in order to create some creativity
in order to further the human race.

A lofty ambition.

Blake E. Marquis

I've posted some Graphic Design, I need to
go and wash with coal tar and gravel.

1 comment:

  1. nice works, the stuff by the first artist is really good, love the humor.

    the flip book magazine head was also quite disturbing and original.

    check this book out on amazon it shouldnt be too expsensive;

    ISBN 9781846055461

    its called outsiders 'art by people'

    its like a bible filled with incredible works by equally incredible artists.