Iskra Print

Iskra Print Collective

"The Russian word "iskra" translates as "the vital spark," symbolizing the inner spiritual spark that ignites change.

The Iskra Print Collective is a nonprofit community space dedicated to the practice, understanding, and appreciation of the printmaking arts. The studio collaborates with artists on small- and large-scale printing projects and engages the broader creative community by hosting open-house exhibitions and educational and informative workshops. Iskra believes in the power of print to communicate, influence, and inspire.

Michael Jager, JDK's creative director, had always wanted to establish a space for the designers to experiment with the art of screen-printing. Michael and Leo Listi worked together to create an educational screen-printing studio as an extension of the Sanctuary Artsite (a nonprofit art gallery curated by JDK employees). The studio started out with used equipment and a limited budget but has now grown into a thriving entity, churning out posters and T-shirts created by everyone interested in learning and volunteering their time to further the collective's goals."

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