Music Videos

Massive Attack - Girl I love You

Not the official video, not exactly sure who did it.
I feel it captures the essence of the song very well.

Orbital - The Box

I'm a big fan of stop motion videos.
This is very dystopian.
Right up my street.

Subtle - Swan Meat

A definite nod to 40's animation,
very dark but has character.

Björk - Wanderlust (2D Version)

Bjork's video has style.
Enough said.

I have always secretly wanted to make music

I don't tend to be directly influenced by Illustrators.
Even though I'm a student of the subject.
I try and be far reaching as possible,
there is so much out there to look at and interact with.

Imagine it like neurons firing blindly in between

Music plays an important part it my art, without it
I doubt I could draw.
At all.

I am a very intensive person when I engage
in something.

100% or nothing.

Apparently I have an A2 personality type,
which means I am slightly less likely to suffer
from a heart attack than an A1, which is nice.

When I am creating something when I reach a certain
point in the piece, I need a break.
I close my eyes and clean my artistic palette with some music.
I need to do this - it's very important.
If I didn't I would go mad.
(It's a sliding scale...)

I am quite sure that this infuriates my tutors
(both past and present)
I have always worked in these "bursts."
When I come back to the image I know where to
go from there.

Almost like getting lost in the car,
stopping to look in the A-Z,
looking up and seeing a familiar landmark.
You wouldn't of seen it if you didn't stop
and took a minute to look in the A-Z.

"Seeing the wood for the trees"

Anyway enough drivel from me.

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