Archigram Archival Project


The Archigram Archival Project is run by a team from EXP, the Research Centre for Experimental Practice at the University of Westminster and was funded by a Resource Enhancement Grant from the Arts and Humanities Research Council. Collaborative help was kindly provided by the surviving members of Archigram or their heirs who retain copyright of all images.

The extraordinary influence of the mainly unbuilt 1961-1974 architectural group Archigram is internationally acknowledged.

Exhibitions of their work have been touring major institutions worldwide since 1992, they were awarded the RIBA Gold Medal in 2002, and they are recognised influences on many of the world's greatest contemporary architects and buildings. Yet the bulk of their visionary work has to date remained difficult to access, largely stored in domestic conditions or temporary storage.

In collaboration with the remaining members of Archigram or their heirs, and funded by a £304,000 grant from the Arts and Humanities Research Council, a team from the University of Westminster has formed an online, searchable database of all the available works of Archigram for study by architectural specialists and the general public.

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