Will Sweeney The Parachute Ending

Will Sweeney The Parachute Ending from Big Active on Vimeo.

Will Sweeney and Steve Scott’s promo for Birdy Nam Nam’s “The Parachute Ending” has made the final selection for the Guggenheim Museum’s, YouTube Play biennial of creative video. The inaugural event showcases the most innovative online video from around the world and the judges including Stefan Sagmeister, Darren Aronofsky, Takeshi Murakami and Laurie Anderson had their work cut out going through the 23,300 submissions to produce a final selection of just 20.

Good as this is a worthy winner.

Saw his work a few years ago in Dazed and Confused,
on an LSD article.

Nice to see he is still going (there is hope for all of us).

And a new animation for Nokia...

Will Sweeney Nokia Green Room from Big Active on Vimeo.

Big Active Blog here

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