One Step Backwards, Two Steps Forward...

Ghost In The Shell: Masamune Shirow

Domu (The Dreams Of Children): Katsuhiro Otomo

AD Police: Tony Takezaki

Ranma 1/2: Rumiko Takahashi

Street Fighter: Masaomi Kanzaki

Akira: Katsuhio Otomo

Iron Fist Chinmi: Takeshi Maekawa

Gunsmith Cats: Kenichi Sonoda

New year, new decade.
Time to look back a little...

I partially blame Carman/Richardson for this.

I was taught to draw mainly from my grand-dad as a nipper
and as I grew up I started playing computer games and
watching adult movies (not the mucky ones) I loved the
posters/covers and animations and the cartoons/comics
and every bloody visual thing that was thrown at me.

These images are circa 1994/1998 when I was obsessed by
Japanese Manga and Anime.
At the end of the 1990's my infatuation ended, although I do read
the odd comic and watch the infrequent cartoon it's a far cry from
"back in the day."

Although I do have the sneaky suspicion that a lasting impression
has been left on me and my work.

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