Post Graduate Flux


It's been a while,
and I've been very busy.

Well I've finished university and now I have
been rudely thrust in to the creative world.

As of the beginning of July me and a few peers
have got a studio space in Manchester's Awol Studios.
So after signing the business paper's we are effectively
a proper collective.

Safety in numbers...

It is a great space, big enough for all of us, so we are not sitting in each
others laps (gyrating) and filled will light from two massive windows.
It is in an old cotton mill from Manchester's illustrious industrial age.

At the minute we are still decorating and moving furniture in.
It is quite difficult as we all live quite far from the complex, so it is slow going.
Our blog/website is here 310 with sporadic updates as we go along.

The collective name is 310.

Firstly due to the fact that it is our actual studio name,
it is simple and has a few connotations, mainly in the Bible.

"like a skilled master builder I laid a foundation,
and someone else is building upon it.
Let each one take care how he builds upon it."

"If a man will not work, he shall not eat."

Quite apt.

I managed recently to get a piece of work published in a magazine
called Peculiar Bliss.

The theme was Past Time.

Website is here Peculiar Bliss

I did something quite different to what I usually create,
but something I wanted to do through university but couldn't
due to the restrictions placed on me through the tutors, stress
and time.

I am very pleased with it as I feel it will is the beginning of a new style for
me and I plan on doing a series of these images based on a theme or text.

Hopefully I should have another image printed in another magazine by the end of the week...

I have a fledgling website found on the Cargo Collective, here: Canhoto
I don't have enough money to make it a .com just yet but it will be done very soon.

I've kept it very simple and easy to navigate.
Advice garnered from my trip to Faber & Faber many moons ago.

I will keep this updated on a regular basis from now on.

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