I've been a bit lax of late on this online mind-map of mine.

So this may be a slightly long saga ...
Feel free to have a biscuit & brew break by all means.

My Commission For Preston Museum.

Finally finished this,
it went very smoothly without a problem and was paid!

The boy's and girls at Revolution Studios are turning it all
into an animation as I speak so here is a few images to tide you over.


Next up was a drawing for OWT's zine.
the theme was "Chance" which was really nice and open ended.

I settled on something apocalyptic,
a Mayan Calender with a couple frantically finishing themselves
off before the end of the world.
Whilst wearing bespoke Mayan head wear.

Manchester and Salford Illustrated

I was really lucky to get into this as all I sent them was a rough,
I then had (due to other drawing commitments) two hours to get it done and sent off.

I'm quite pleased with the finished work,
it's available to buy from here along with some of Manchester's best illustrators prints too.

Spiel Magazine

This was for the last issue,
the first image I drew wasn't really good enough for the article,
so I had to rush this one.

Why do you get many deadlines all at once?!

After a little siesta form drawing and doodling I've decided to concentrated on some more personal imagery.

Firstly a series of prints dedicated to the Yakuza.
Whom stylistically I feel in love with ten or so years ago from watching Takeshi Kitano's
violent gangster films.

Also I managed to land an (unpaid) job drawing on a window in Manchester's
trendy Northern Quarter.

I will keep you all updated, as and when.

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