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Many moons ago colour (artistically) played no
part in my life,
I was an ignorant bastard.

Within the last three or so years it has been getting
more & more increasingly important to me to bring
this new angle (or is that angel?) into my life.

What is colour?

I mean


I know its pigment or pixels or whatever
but what does it signify to us as a race?
Why is it so fucking ingrained into our psyche and our
(Notice the abundance of foul language this is not academic
just the rambling of a tired man)

10,000 years ago when we were to shit scared to leave the
cave why did we grind up rock and use that to stain not
only the walls but our skin our clothes, allow us to put
a price on beauty through precious stones and trinkets
and jaunty baubles?

Why is it so important to have a favourite colour?
Does it say something about you?
(Mines green by the way)

Im not to sure where im going with this because its an
epic subject as old as time itself
(Was there colour when/if the Big Bang happened, also if we point a camera
into space and get radiowaves back is that the colour that is out there? Even
though we are effectivly looking back in time....head fuck)

I'll pick up on this again soon, but for now I need sleep.

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