Jirat James Patradoon

Jirat James Patradoon
Interview with James at WeAreTheImageMakersMagazine

"Born in 1985 in Thailand and raised in Sydney, Australia on a super-diet of cartoons, comic books, and sci-fi movies.

James' work explores his take on fantasy hyper-masculinity with portraits inspired by Japanese Manga, slasher movie villains, pro wrestlers, biker gangs, and Elvis.

His intense comic book styled images have appeared in magazines such as ESPN, Complex, Acclaim, Empty and ILOVEFAKE. As well as in collaborations with Adidas, Diesel, MTV, PepsiCo and Mambo."

Man can this guy screenprint.
He has a definate style I can relate to,
strong line and bright colour.

One to watch in the future...

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  1. absolutely awesome find mate...can really see your work on a similar mantle...