Molly Crabapple

Molly Crabapple
Dr Sketchy's Anti Art School

Seems to me Molly is quite the vixen....

She reminds me of Crumb (stop drooling James),
that is what instantly jumps to mind when I look at
her work.


Whereas Crumb (in my opinion) debases the female form
and bends it to his twisted fantasies and sticky wet-dreams
Molly adds a sense of fun and sexiness.

There is wit and comedy, fantasies and metaphors galore
if you tickle the knickers off the paintings....

She also has set up her own life drawing classes
ala "Dr Sketchy's Anti-Art School" which looks
fun and different (surprisingly better than drawing a pair
of hairy bollocks) and seems to be gathering steam world-wide.

If that wasn't enough she seems to be my dream girl
I quote " Molly is 25 years old and lives in Brooklyn.
In her free time, she likes coffee."

Apart from the Brooklyn bit (taxi fare would be a killer)
its a marriage made in heaven..........

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  1. I reckon there's a case to be made for Crumb as feminist artist. I'd write my dissertation on it, if I thought I could convince myself never mind anyone else...