Interview With Joshua Petker

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: How do you approach a new piece, whether this is a personal one or a commissioned one?

It really depends.

I often start two or three paintings at the same time all
going in similar but different directions.
And, whichever one unfolds the best is the one that
I continue with.

I always start with a human face.
Everything else happens after that.

: How has digital media effected you and your work?

I don't pre-manipulate anything in Photoshop or anything if that's
what you mean.

But, I do use all of the social networking sites almost daily and
exposure of my work on the internet has led to people in all
parts of the world being able to see some of what I do and that has
been fun.

But, the internet has been around since I started working as
an artist. The first group show I was ever a part of was at
Roq La Rue Gallery in Seattle and I connected with RLR
by sending images of my paintings through the email.

I do want to say however, that seeing a painting on-line
is not the same thing as seeing art in person.

Nothing can replace the experience of seeing art in person.
But, the internet has been a great starting point for me.

: Who or what currently inspires you artistically?

Right now I am really interested in the idea of balance and I am
really inspired by the many things we all have to balance in our

The balance between life and art,
the balance of human consciousness to our significance
in the universe, the balance between lust and love,
the balance between optimism and reality, etc.

I am very interested in these thoughts right now and am
inspired to paint new works around these ideas.

: Any tips on networking in the art world?

I haven't been very good at networking honestly.
But, I am making a stronger effort to network going forward.
Really, the only thing you can do and should do to network as
an artist is to read as much as you can, see as much as you can,
hang around with artists, and doors will open.

Stay engaged.


See and try to understand everything you see.

: How did you go about getting your art in galleries?

This is a work in progress for me.
But, essentially, the same answer from above can apply here.
Go to openings, be seen at shows, find a gallery that fits your aesthetic
and or interest and become a presence there.

If it is a good fit odds are a door will open in time.

Be patient.

: Top three tips?

1. It is important to understand art outside of your comfort zone.
Strive for that.

2. Never stop working. Never stop reading. Never stop making art.

3. Don't become an artist trying to be famous or rich.
It may or may not happen.
Your love should be art not attention or success.

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