A Little Progress

Ok this project is a labour of love for me.

Many many hours spent drawing digitally,
suffering from "bleeding eyes" syndrome due
to bright Mac screens and excessive use of the zoom function.

It's deadline day tomorrow and this is what I have to show
my tutor, Mr Murray...

I would say in all honesty that the Jimi Hendrix poster
is about 80% done, the Talking Heads one is 60% done and
the Nirvana image is 70% done.

Luckily we have until the end of the semester to actually finish the project, this deadline is a kick up the arse to get something physical done.

These bad boys are massive files (due to me saving them at 500dpi @ A3)
so-much-so they stuffed my computer.
I can imagine him now all content, sat back in a recliner picking his teeth
with my ram after this hearty meal.

1 comment:

  1. You seem to surpass your self with leaps and bounds everytime I see your work, Your just not afraid to step off the edge or run screaming out of your comfort zone, in fact I dont think you even have a comfort zone now do you? (maybe screen printing but thats a hard one to be comfortable with due to its mega erratic nature).

    Brilliant work Mark, I was about to say you need to post some new recent stuff up too...